The Gallery DIE KUNSTAGENTIN is located in the heart of the district Belgique in Cologne and showcases artists in the context of an international movement that blurs the boundaries between urban and fine art. The Gallery is working with an existing network of established international and upcoming artists, which are influenced by Graffiti and Urban Art. The exhibition space is an active platform for cultural experiences that feature and celebrate the exchange of the vibrant international art scene.

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Anne Scherer of Die Kunstagentin
Old and New Generations of Urban Artists Meet in the Latest Die Kunstagentin Show!

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Elena Martinique

Declaring a grateful and respectful end salutation after a pleasant encounter, Die Kunstagentin brings together four acclaimed urban artists.

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Heartbeat City Moment (detail)
Jim Avignon's Highway to Hello at Die Kunstagentin

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

In his latest body of work that will soon be on view at Die Kunstagentin, Jim Avignon deals with the internet in a cheeky and ironic way.

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Die Kunstagentin
Anton Unai Art is Amor Enemigo at Die Kunstagentin

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The latest Anton Unai art exhibition at Die Kunstagentin, entitled Amor Enemigo, comes from waste, spontaneity, and the rejection of aesthetics canons.

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