EBK Gallery | Exhibition and Sales of Contemporary Art

Located on the street level of the Historical Goodwin Building in Hartford Connecticut USA, the gallery space is perfectly suited for presenting contemporary artwork with an eye for those seeking a way to acquire art from seriously accomplished artists.

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Peter Waite Art Takes Over the EBK Gallery

Art Exhibitions | Amy Lin

Institutions of power and personal sentiment are main topics of Peter Waite art. His seemingly emotionless works convey the emptiness of modern life.

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Lindsey Fyfe Interview - On Abstract Painting in Public Settings

Amy Lin

Lindsey Fyfe interview reveals the advantages and the challenges of painting on site, experienced first hand during the EKB studio gallery project

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Ben Parker Creates Shapes That Tessellate

Art Exhibitions | Angie Kordic

Using exciting possibilities of paper and practice of geometric origami, Ben Parker gives life to shapes that tessellate, disrupt and evolve to infinity

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