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Diane Arbus - Untitled (49), 1970-71
The Complete Untitled Photo Series by Diane Arbus Goes On Display

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Angie Kordic

They are the pictures that Diane Arbus had been waiting all her life to take. The Untitled series taken between 1969 and 1971 will be shown in its entirety at David Zwirner.

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Art & Vinyl by Jeffrey Fraenkel and Antoine de Beaupre
Art & Vinyl - 10 Record Covers Designed by Famous Artists

Art Exhibitions, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

We bring you ten most striking pieces of record covers made by celebrated artists, that were recently on view at the exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery.

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Paris Photo 2016 - The Largest Photography Fair Returning For Its 20th Edition

Art Fairs | Elena Martinique

Paris Photo 2016, the largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium, is about to take over the Grand Palais for the 20th time.

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