I am pleased to present my artists since 2005. They did not wait for me to exist and work exist after me. My goal is to make known the greatest number, enthusiasts and collectors. Them also live because I think being clear material contingencies makes more free spirit …

Trying to maintain a guideline, the gallery is not locked into a particular artistic movement.

Fernand Léger said: “Figurative or abstract, no matter if it is good.”

This is my philosophy.

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Sowat - Cirrus, 2017
Galerie Le Feuvre Presents Three Distinctive Artists for Paris Art Week

Art Exhibitions | Andrey V.

Wishing to explore the potentials of contemporary abstraction, Galerie Le Feuvre put together a show that will feature Adrian Falkner, Sowat and Jan Kolata.

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Invader - La route 1997
The Masterpieces of Invader Street Art coming to Galerie Le Feuvre

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Smirna K

Twenty years of Invader Street Art presented at Galerie Le Feuvre with special works from 1997 and the beginnings of his career in Paris

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galerie le feuvre
Galerie LE FEUVRE Presents a Variety of Artists and Styles in a Group Hanging

Art Exhibitions | Silka P

The new group exhibition at the Galerie LE FEUVRE in Paris, offers its public a glimpse into the most vibrant and inspirational urban artists of today

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