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Jan Kalab - Blue Heron, 2016
Abstract Art at Your Fingertips - In Our Marketplace!

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

Decades after it emerged, abstract painting still feels fresh. We bring you ten works of abstract art that you can own right now.

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L'Atlas - Eternal Signs
L'Atlas's Journey to Greece and the Spectacular Results from it, at Galerie Martine Ehmer

Art Exhibitions | Balasz Takac

The famous French artist L'Atlas will show the latest series of his works in the exhibition Eternal Signs at the Galerie Martine Ehmer.

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Kool Koor [spek-trəm] at Galerie Martine Ehmer, 2018, courtesy the artist
A Continuous Motion within the Color Spectrum - Kool Koor at Galerie Martine Ehmer

Art Exhibitions | Angie Kordic

In Brussels, Galerie Martine Ehmer is hosting the second solo show dedicated to Kool Koor. We talk to the iconic artist about his new work.

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