Mathilde and Gautier Jourdain are first collectors interested in urban art for fifteen years. Their first initiative back in 2008 with the 400ML project meets as aerosol cans, customized by 400 artists. The success of this event leads them to create an art gallery. Present on the Internet since 2010, they invest places 5-6 times a year to organize their exhibitions. Their range of artists from pioneers such Zlotykamien TAKI183 or to go to the younger generation as Alber, CT or A1one. True to their convictions, Mathilde and Gautier Jourdain work with two ideas in mind: to help and support artists, provide the desire and the means to collect.
Since September 2012 Mathgoth gallery publishes litographs, extremely limited editions for


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Jace - Toile #18
Jace and his Gouzou Talk About Love in a New Show at Galerie Mathgoth

Art Exhibitions | Andrey V.

The renowned Galerie Mathgoth prepared a selection of works by Jace that use the famous Gouzou character in order to explore the notions of love.

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Case Maclaim - Back On Track (detail)
When Humans Become Everyday Robots - Case Maclaim at Galerie Mathgoth

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

In his latest body of work, Case Maclaim explores the alienation of men resulting from a daily use of addictive technological tools and devices.

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Fintan Magee - The Waiting Room (detail)
Fintan Magee Creates Waves at Galerie Mathgoth

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

In the latest exhibition at Galerie Mathgoth, the Australian artist Fintan Magee explores the destructive power of waves caused by global warming.

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