VARSI is an art gallery and cultural centre located in the heart of Rome, where innovative avant-garde artists will alternate their exhibitions. These include street artists, writers, illustrators photographers mostly belonging to street culture movements and sculptores, whose ground-breaking techniques and contents are sure to make the gallery an original new space in the Roman scene. The gallery will also hold a bookshop dedicated to underground culture which will also feature books published by Varsi on the artists it will display in the gallery. SELLING ORIGINAL ARTWORK AND PRINTS BY: Herakut, Run, Dulk, Etnik, Etam Cru, M-City, Alice Pasquini, Blade, Skeme, Pepsy, Diamond, Flavio Solo, Mr. Thoms, Trota.


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Evoca1_Running With The Wolves - Miami Florida, USA 2012
Evoca1 Art Shows Mercy at Galleria Varsi

Art Exhibitions | Eli Anapur

The responsibility towards every human being is the theme behind the Evoca1 art exhibition at Galleria Varsi titled Mercy, on show this May in Rome.

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Monotype Art of Six Versatile Artists coming to Galleria Varsi

Art Exhibitions | Smirna K

Six artists meet to create an exploration of monotype art which will soon cover all surfaces of Galleria Varsi with more than two hundred of their works.

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altrove festival 2016 included catanzaro
Altrove Festival and Galleria Varsi Present the ABSTRACTISM Group Show

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Elena Martinique

In collaboration with Galleria Varsi, Altrove Festival is presenting a research project on Italian and European avant-garde murals exhibited in a group show.

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