GALERIE BENJAMIN ECK is located in an old carriage pass through, in the heart of Munich.
The gallery represents young and established international artists and concentrates on conceptional art and the interdisciplinary In the form of visual and sculptural works, objects, sculptures and other artistic interventions.


Gallery opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 7 pm and Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm.


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Jef Aerosol - No future (detail), 2003
Blast from the Past - Art of the Noughties For Your Wall!

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

We bring you ten artworks from the noughties, a decade in which art has taken an incredible variety of forms. Be sure to add some to your collection!

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Jef Aerosol - Flowers
Flower Power! Floral Artworks For Your Collection

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Andrey V.

If you're hoping to expand your collection with a captivating artwork of two, why not consider some of the amazing flower artworks currently on the market?

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Elly Smallwood - Hand Study with Flowers, 2016
Elly Smallwood - Hand Study with Flowers

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Andrey V.

Hand Study with Flowers is a 2016 acrylic painting by the Canadian artist Elly Smallwood that can be yours with just a few mouse-button clicks.

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