Contemporary art gallery Gazelli Art House supports and presents a wide range of international artists, presenting a broad and critically acclaimed program of exhibitions to a diverse audience through international exhibition spaces in London and Baku. Gazelli Art House was founded in 2003 in Baku, Azerbaijan where it held exhibitions with Azeri artists.
From 2010, having hosted conceptually interlinked off-site exhibitions across London, founder and Director of Gazelli Art House, Mila Askarova, opened a permanent space on Dover Street, London in March 2012. The same year, the Window Project was launched utilising the frontage of the gallery as additional display platform. In 2015, the initiative was remodelled to solely


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Sibel Kocakaya - Untitled
Contemporary Istanbul 2017 - Bringing International Focus to the City's Dynamic Art Scene

Art Fairs 2017 | Elena Martinique

Contemporary Istanbul 2017 will bring together leading contemporary galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey and around the world.

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Photo London 2017 - The UK Photography Event of the Year

Art Fairs 2017, Photography | Elena Martinique

Photo London 2017 will bring together the world's leading galleries for a major international photography Fair at Somerset House.

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Moving Image Art Fair 2017 - Returning to New York for Its 7th Edition

Art Fairs 2017 | Elena Martinique

Moving Image art fair offers an art fair viewing experience while allowing for the appreciation of moving-image-based artworks on their own terms.

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