About GCA Gallery
GCA Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Nice, close to the National Theatre and to the Museum of Contemporary Art, by the port. Located in a very nice dynamic area, bomming for a few years, and still growing rapidly.
Between graffiti, street-art and low brow, the gallery presents, in its 80 square meters, since summer 2014, a combination of the most influential french and international urban artists :
Since June 2014, GCA Gallery edited nine catalogues, organised many shows and four solo shows.
Such a dynamism shows the comitment of the gallerist to defend and promote urban art. First of its kind in Nice, GCA Gallery ambitioulsy wishes to open up a new market on the French Riviera. As of today, Nice has more than twenty museums and public galleries, a lot of private contemporary art galleries as well as many artists’ studios.

Gallery Director, Geoffroy Jossaume, was born in Nice in 1978. He lives and works in between Paris and Nice.
Following a degree in History of Art at the Sotheby’s Institute in London, he then moves to Paris in 2000 where he worked in several galleries and auction houses. He directed for more than 8 years, the contemporary and urban art department at PIASA, and is therefore an expert in contemporary art. During this period, he organised several specialised street-art and graffiti auctions. This is when he develops his sensitivity and his expertise towards urban art. The wish to have his gallery dates back to the end of his studies in London, but life, chance and different encouters made it only possible in 2014. This new activity is run together with a strong following of the parisian urban art market as well as participating in the organisation of several events promoting urban art.


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