The Golden Hands Gallery has been founded by Christoph Tornow and his fiancé Isabella Augstein in march 2015. They made their decision to build a new gallery more than a year before. The idea is to merge Christoph´s experience from being the founder and head of Vicious Gallery from 2006 until 2011 and Isabella´s education as an economist. They would define their goal to build up a modern market place for contemporary fine arts with an urban background.
Trying to give a name to the art forms that are shown is not always mandatory. Styles might vary from painting and drawing to sculptures and photography. The gallery will host an average of 4 exhibitions a year and will focus on keeping a wide storage from past exhibitions. Located in the traditional market place Hamburg, there is a main target to show various international artists. Equipped with a long- term contract for the gallery space, they are prepared to take all necessary action to build a substantial gallery that will take it´s place in the scene.

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Sozyone Art is Forever Young at Golden Hands Gallery

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

As a result of an extended artistic journey, the latest Sozyone art exhibition sources new inspiration and brings new concepts to Golden Hands Gallery.

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Moses and Taps Defy Artistic Labels and Explore the Corporate Identity at Golden Hands Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Amy Lin

Don't miss the showcase of singular wildstyle corporate design by Moses and Taps in exhibition at Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg.

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Ruediger Glatz Exhibition
Ruediger Glatz Exhibition in Hamburg Confronts Dark Thoughts and Moments of Light

Ricardo Martinez

Solo exhibition by a German photographer Ruediger Glatz will be presented to the visitors of the Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.

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