H Gallery is one of Asia’s leading venues for regional and international art. Established in 2002, the gallery began with a focus on emerging Asian artists and has since established a program of exhibitions and installations that aims to generate critical dialogues on contemporary art practices for the global context.

2011 saw the inauguration of H Project Space, on the second floor of the H Gallery Bangkok, as an experimental space that functions adjunct to the main program. In June 2012, H Gallery Chiang Mai opened with an exhibition by Mit Jai Inn.

All exhibitions are organized or curated by Brian Curtin. Irish-born Curtin holds a Ph.D. (Fine Art) from the University of Bristol, UK, and is an art writer, lecturer and freelance curator. He has published extensively on contemporary art in magazines such as Frieze, Art Asia Pacific, Contemporary, Art Journal, and Artforum.com. Curtin curated the Southeast Asian section of China’s Chongqing Youth Biennale 2011 and works regularly with local and regional galleries and spaces.

H Gallery maintains an extensive inventory of paintings, sculpture, and photography in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai by many of the artists who’ve exhibited here over the years. These can be viewed on request at either gallery.

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