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Erwin Olaf - Squares Sisters
Photographs of Women Across Erwin Olaf's Career

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Balasz Takac

The photographs of women made by Erwin Olaf over the last three decades will be on display at the prestigious Hamiltons Gallery in London.

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Daido Moriyama - Self-Portrait, 1997
Daido Moriyama's New, Provocative Silkscreens on Canvas

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Elena Martinique

The exhibition at Hamiltons shows selected images from Daido Moriyama's rich oeuvre, produced especially for the gallery as silkscreens.

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Photo London 2017 - The UK Photography Event of the Year

Art Fairs, Photography | Elena Martinique

Photo London 2017 will bring together the world's leading galleries for a major international photography Fair at Somerset House.

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