IdeelArt is an online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative works from international established abstract artists.
IdeelArt acts also as an online gallerist for its represented artists, working like a physical gallery (selection, representation and promotion of artists) but online only.


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Jef Aerosol - Flowers
Flower Power! Floral Artworks For Your Collection

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Andrey V.

If you're hoping to expand your collection with a captivating artwork of two, why not consider some of the amazing flower artworks currently on the market?

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Anya Spielman - EFFLORESCE, 2009
Anya Spielman - EFFLORESCE

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Andrey V.

EFFLORESCE is an oil painting by Anya Spielman that comes very close to being abstract but has an evident floral decoration that prevents such a course.

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Rolf Ohst - Dogsbeach (detail), 2016
Refresh Your Art Collection with These Summer Artworks!

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

We bring you a selection of stunning summer art pieces from our marketplace which evoke the exhilaration and the languor of the season.

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