IdeelArt is an online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative works from international established abstract artists.
IdeelArt acts also as an online gallerist for its represented artists, working like a physical gallery (selection, representation and promotion of artists) but online only.


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Waswad - Meeting the invisible in space (detail), 2017
Selected Works on Paper from Our Marketplace

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

Over centuries, paper evolved from being a support to the artistic process to becoming a medium itself. Take a look at ten contemporary works on paper.

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Agent X - Queen Elizabeth (Green) (detail), 2018
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here Are Some Artworks to Celebrate it

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

St. Patrick Day is near! Bring some green color into your life with these diverse contemporary artworks that you can own right now.

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IdeelArt Presents its Very First Virtual Exhibition of Jessica Snow!

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

IdeelArt is hosting a Jessica Snow exhibition in La Havre, that can be also experienced in virtual reality on any devices.

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