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Laura Berger - Mystery, 2017 (detail)
At Kallenbach Gallery, An All-Girl Expo is Shaping the Future

Art Exhibitions | Andrey V.

Guided by the belief that women should be the ones shaping the future, an all-girl exhibition of art was organized by the Amsterdam's Kallenbach Gallery.

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duchamp Le Grand Verre marcel duchamp une même mariée in 1915 and 1912 marcel duchamp marcel duchamp
Le Grand Verre Artist Group Explores Disobedience at Kallenbach

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The collective Le Grand Verre invites the audience to re-learn to see with the new body of work presented in the exhibition at Kallenbach Gallery.

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Kallenbach Gallery Presents a Duo Show of Okuda San Miguel and Anna Taratiel

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Angie Kordic

Amsterdam's Kallenbach Gallery soon the host of joint exhibitions featuring the works of two Spanish street artists, Okuda San Miguel and Anna Taratiel

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