Kolly Gallery is located in the beautiful Zurich Seefeld area and promotes only finest pieces of the graffiti and street art universe in Zurich and Switzerland.

The driving force behind Zurich’s Kolly Gallery is the deep-rooted history of Julien Kolly’s involvement in street art. In September 2006, Director of the communication agency vingtneuf degres opened his first gallery GT29, in collaboration with the Nuithonie theater in Villars-sur-Glâne. Two years later, he founded La Grille in Yverdon-les-Bains, which, at a rate of one show per month, allowed him to build a network of national and international artists at the forefront of the graphic culture and the latest trends. Dare, Alëxone, JonOne, Tilt, Flying Fortress, Mist, MadC, Smash137, Lenz, L’Atlas or Dave the Chimp are a few names that invaded the walls of the gallery.

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Lenz - Graffiti Writers Are Cunts, 2017
Kolly Gallery Moves to Paris for the Swiss Chocolate Pop-Up Exhibition

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Angie Kordic

The latest Kolly Gallery exhibition titled Swiss Chocolate moves five French and German urban and graffiti artists to Paris for a secret pop-up showcase!

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The Latest Thierry Furger Graffiti Pieces Explore Scratching at Kolly Gallery

Art Exhibitions | Eli Anapur

Scratching is an aesthetic form of vandalism – that is a tagline of the new show of the latest Thierry Furger graffiti opening at Kolly Gallery in Zurich.

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contact the neptuno event in february
What Sold at Urvanity 2017 ?

Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018 | Elena Martinique

In terms of sales, we could say that Urvanity is off to a great start, especially having in mind this is the very first edition of the fair.

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