MAGMA gallery was founded in Bologna in 2016. MAGMA gallery exhibits internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists, with a research-based approach to bring out the most innovative trends within the rapidly changing art market. The gallery aims to improve the relationships between the artists and worldwide institutions, curators, and collectors.


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Art Box Berlin
September's Most Popular Art Galleries Chosen by You!

Top Lists | Angie Kordic

See what's currently on view at your favorite contemporary art galleries around the globe, straight from our rapidly-growing Gallery Network!

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MAGMA Gallery - A Gem of Bologna

Top Lists | Angie Kordic

At a beautiful space in Bologna, MAGMA Gallery exhibits emerging and established contemporary artists of international renown

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Jan Kalab - Blue Sun, 2017
ZOOOM - Jan Kalab Arrives in MAGMA Gallery for an Italian Debut

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

In his first exhibition in Italy at MAGMA Gallery, the acclaimed Polish artist Jan Kalab will explore the circular shape as a container of matter.

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