Marlborough Gallery and has been representing world renowned modern masters in Contemporary Art since 1946.
It established the name soon after the launch with groundbreaking exhibitions and the selling of 19th century masterpieces by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, as well as Francis Bacon and Ben Nicholson, among others.More than 60 years on, the gallery continues to be associated with some of the greatest living artists of today. Frank Auerbach and Paula Rego for example, are seen to be among the most important contemporary artists at the peak of their careers. In a shrinking world, Marlborough continues to promote and organize exhibitions; participates in Art Fairs round the world and works with Museums in organizing exhibitions of their artists. Marlborough is expanding its activities into parts of the world like China, Brazil, and Mexico – the artistic and economic power houses of our time.

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Meryl Smith - The Pierrot Equus (detail), 2019
All the Smiths Come to Marlborough London

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

Inspired by a conversation with Maurizio Cattelan, Marlborough Fine Art in London will bring together over 30 artists with the surname Smith.

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manolo valdes
The Remarkable Oeuvre of Manolo Valdes in Exhibition at Marlborough Fine Art

Art Exhibitions | Patina Lee

Enjoy a comprehensive selection of Manolo Valdes' works, spanning from sculpture to drawing and oil painting, at Marlborough Fine Art London.

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Grear Patterson exhibition
Time for True Romance - Grear Patterson Presents Visual Recreations from the Cult Movie

Art Exhibitions | Ana Moriarty

Are you a fan of Tarantino's True Romance? This Grear Patterson exhibition is the place to be, as it depicts tropical sunsets inspired by the cult movie.

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