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me Collectors Room is a platform for international private art collections to present themselves in Berlin. Commanding 1300 square metres of exhibition space, the Olbricht Collection, which features works from the Renaissance up to the present day, has had its permanent home here since May 2010. Thomas Olbricht regularly shares the space with other international collectors who are invited to give the public an insight into their collections in broadly themed group shows. A special highlight of the space is the permanently installed Wunderkammer Olbricht, which contains more than 200 valuable objects from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

The ‘me’ in ‘me Collectors Room’ stands for


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Luzia Simons - Stockage 119, 2011
It Smells Like... Flowers and Fragrances at me Collectors Room

Art Exhibitions | Balasz Takac

Me Collectors Room in Berlin is preparing an astonishing group exhibition It smells like... flowers and fragrances devoted fully to the floral world and olfactory nerves.

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Eva & Adele - Man Has The Phallus, Woman Is The Phallus, 1993
Life as an Inspiration - The Artistic Existence of Eva and Adele

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The exhibition at me Collectors Room Berlin will feature the work of EVA and ADELE from the last 25 years, outlining their unique artistic existence.

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Christopher Pease - Hunting Party, 2003
Not to be Missed - The Indigenous Australia Masterworks at me Collectors Room

Art Exhibitions | Andrey V.

Focusing on native Australian artists, me Collectors Room Berlin will present masterworks from the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

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