Menzies is Australia’s leading fine art auction house, specialised in fine art and sculpture, both Australian and international.

Founded as Deutscher~Menzies by the entrepreneur Rod Menzies and art dealer Chris Deutscher, we conducted our first auction in April 1998. Our intention to compete with a long established Australian art auction scene and offer superior levels of service and presentation was initially greeted with skepticism, but it was not long before our auctions were getting noticed. At the end of 2006, the company was restructured and under the leadership of Executive Chairman Rod Menzies, we achieved our most successful sales on record. In 2007, we doubled our 2006 turnover, making it the most successful year in our company’s history.

Menzies remains committed to securing the highest quality art works and presenting them in outstanding catalogues. Our dedicated team of art specialists and support staff, together with our new integrated approach to marketing, has reinforced our dominant position as the premier market leader in Australian art auction sales.

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