Always attentive to communication, which she made a profession of, and after being a long course artists’ agent, Roberta Molin Corvo decided to open a gallery of her own and, building on her wealth of experience in the media world, she’s faces environments yet little explored by the traditional art market.

MOLIN CORVO gallery, in fact, is not enclosed by walls, but by machine code lines: essentially online, in the non-place of the internet, the most suitable “place” to promote the art she loves.

– Concurrently a rich calendar is set up, made of flash exhibitions, lasting three to ten days, every time in a different physical location, very important events to stage, according to the character of the work to expose, her different artists’ projects.

– An ephemeral and nomad showcase including, in France as well as in Italy and abroad, the participation at international art fairs.

– Wednesdays become a customary appointment, as she receives a limited number of art collectors, journalists and friends in her living room in rue Bonaparte, in a convivial ART/APERO/RISOTTO, a privileged and special moment to introduce her artists and sell their work.

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using the creative potential of the city with a international festival of lighting installation
Max Blotas and Gabriele Dal Dosso Create Light Art at Molin Corvo Gallery

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The light art exhibition at Molin Corvo Gallery features works by Gabriele Dal Dosso and Max Blotas, creating a dialogue beyond the work itself.

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the photographer presents great use of photography with a camera and photo based project
Molin Corvo Presents Video and Photographic Project by Emanuele Ravagnani

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

Molin Corvo Gallery will present a photographic project by Emanuele Ravagnini exploring the fragile border between a dream and reality.

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Five Artists Introduce Their Philosophical Vision at Molin Corvo

Art Exhibitions | Angie Kordic

Explore the Philosophical Vision of five international artists in the latest group exhibition hosted by Molin Corvo Gallery in Paris, for one week only.

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