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MURETZ, 2017
Montana Gallery

Top Lists, Urvanity 2018 | Elena Martinique

Montana Gallery will be showcasing GR170, PRO176 and MURETZ.

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Chilling a bit
Stuck in Purgatory - The First Muretz Exhibition in Spain at Montana Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street Art | Smirna K

A street art universe of surreal characters and their digital suffering explored in the Muretz exhibition, for the first time in Spain at Montana gallery.

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Collecting Urban Art - A Conversation with Montana's Jordi Rubio

Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018 | Angie Kordic

Jordi Rubio of Montana Cans and Gallery in Barcelona shares the story behind the success of their platform and talks about collecting urban art today.

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