Contemporary/Pop fine art is a movement that continues to grow, started in the mid-late 50’s by taking popular culture that was once absent from our consciousness and bringing it to the forefront. It is representative of all major artwork produced to this day. Pop Art keeps changing and evolving as our society continues to evolve and transform. Pop Fine Art (PFA) is a team of young art lovers, experts, professionals that understand that the concept of pop art refers not only to the art itself but to the essence of who we are as a society – to the attitudes that led to its inevitable creation and the statements it carries.

Much like the philosophy of some of the movement’s creators, including Warhol, Basquiat, Jasper Johns,Lichtenstein, and current, trend-setting artists like Hirst, Murakami, Longo, Fairey – we too understand that Art should be a part of everyone’s life – a way to enrich our senses and our lives. Here at PFA, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy such life treasures and we are committed to ensure that we help you find the right fit to your tastes; not to mention having a great investment for your future.  It is never to early nor is it to late to start – We are committed to getting you the best work and outstanding deals.

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