The gallery Pretty Portal was founded in 2007 and is focussing on urban contemporary art.

Owner and curator Klaus Rosskothen presents a mixture of established artists and emerging, fresh talents.

Pretty Portal works with international artists like BTOY, CHAZME, Shai Dahan, DECYCLE, Allessandro Etnik,, FinDAC, Guy Denning, JANA&JS, R. Klonek, Wolfgang Krell, David Monllor, Orticanoodles, Natalia Rak, Pixelpancho, SAM3 and David Stegmann.


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Pretty Portal at Urvanity Madrid 2018
Urvanity Madrid 2018 in 42 Pictures

Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018 | Angie Kordic

With the 2nd edition of the Urvanity Art Fair Madrid closing on February 25th, we take a look back at its highlights - in pictures!

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Jana & JS
Jana & JS - Travesía Almendro, 9

Graffiti & Street Art, Top Lists, Urvanity 2018 | Elena Martinique

Jana and JS create pieces inspired by the city and its architecture in the change of time.

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JANA JS - Where have you gone, STF Moscato - Rumble in the jungle
Pretty Portal

Top Lists, Urvanity 2018 | Elena Martinique

For Urvanity 2018, Pretty Portal will showcase Jana & JS, Thoe Lopez, Chazme, STF Moscato, and Guy Denning.

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