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Paul Anthony Smith Blurr 7
Volta Basel 2017 - The Art Fair for New International Positions

Art Fairs | Elena Martinique

Dubbed as the Lucky 13 edition, VOLTA Basel returns to the city with a well-curated selection of renowned galleries from all over the world.

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Moving Image Art Fair 2017 - Returning to New York for Its 7th Edition

Art Fairs | Elena Martinique

Moving Image art fair offers an art fair viewing experience while allowing for the appreciation of moving-image-based artworks on their own terms.

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leslie thornton exhibition
Granddaughter of Scientists who Worked on the Manhattan Project - Leslie Thornton Brings the Post-Apocalypse

Art Exhibitions | Patina Lee

Leslie Thornton reflects on the disturbing elements of her own past to address the post-apocalyptic state of the world. See her new exhibition in Berlin.

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