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animamix movement
From the Feel-Good Animamix Movement, Eddie Kang Invites you to Join his Happy Place

Art Exhibitions | Lorenzo Pereira

Sandra Gering Inc. announces the exhibition of Korean artist Eddie Kang entitled Big City Life loveless, presenting works belonging to the emerging animamix movement

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sandra gering inc
Sandra Gering INC. Gallery Explores the Use of Color and Technology in Painting and Sculpture with a new Group Show

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The exhibition at Sandra Gering Inc will explore how the evolution of digital technologies affected the use of color in visual arts.

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Dove Bradshaw Triangular Abstraction Opening at Sandra Gering Inc.

Art Exhibitions | Bob Lansroth

Juxtaposed concepts of chance and design in works by Dove Bradshaw on view at Sandra Gering Inc. Merging indeterminacy and methodology in unique artworks

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