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Lygia Clark - Estudo para Planos em superfície modulada (Study for Planes in modulated surface), 1957 - this april at dallas art fair
Dallas Art Fair 2018 - Celebrating an Incredible Milestone

Art Fairs | Elena Martinique

This year, Dallas Art Fair celebrates its tenth anniversary with thoughtfully curated exhibitions and innovative programming.

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Hong Kong Art Galleries True Art Lovers Must See

Art Travel Special, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

Art lovers and collectors are drawn to Hong Kong for its booming art scene. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of best Hong Kong art galleries.

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Simon Lee Gallery
Mauvaises Herbes - Three Female Artists at Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong

Art Exhibitions, Review | Abby McKenzie

The Mauvaises Herbes exhibition of art by Sarah Crowner, Caitlin Keogh and Paulina Olowska at Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong explores nature and femininity

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