Toowee Kao is a gallerist and private art dealer who represents two of our ambassadors at her Los Angeles-based Soze Gallery Jaybo Monk and Augustine Kofie. But also for all the other young contemporary artists who are entrusted in her care Toowee Kao is an essential supporter since she is not only a natural talent when it comes to art business but also aims to make being an artist a little less hard in every way and offers an artist residency in downtown Los Angeles for Sozes Gallery’s international artists. In short: Toowee Kao has got her eyes on the future of art and never stops impressing us with her power; she supports young contemporary artists in their creative pursuit of success and happiness.

Alongside her


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Soze Gallery

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Soze Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in West Hollywood that represents and exhibits top local and international emerging artists.

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SOZE Gallery
Color, Form and Depth: All of the Above by Peter Gronquist Opening at SOZE Gallery

Anika D.

Peter Gronquist is about to present his most recent painting and sculptural work at SOZE Gallery in Los Angeles in their new exhibition space.

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