Stephanie Chefas Projects is the labor of love from its owner, Stephanie Chefas, who has been independently curating art exhibits for nearly a decade in Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others. Now calling Portland home, Chefas retains an eye for cutting-edge and often challenging work that demands attention. Highlighting a diverse blend of contemporary artists from around the world, the gallery features monthly exhibitions with an emphasis on cultivating new talent and encouraging risk and evolution among established visionaries. With endeavors like FRESH BREW and SELFIE, Chefas also maintains her unique ability to coordinate group shows with distinct themes that allow artists plenty of breathing room to interpret and explore. Stephanie Chefas Projects is the result of both passion and dedication as well as a commitment toward sharing the best in contemporary art with enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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John Felix Arnold
A Group Thing - Nine Artists Take Over Stephanie Chefas Projects

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

Celebrating the strength in numbers, Stephanie Chefas Projects artists will gather in a group show underlined with the theme of unification.

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Yellena James - Challenger Deep, detail
At Stephanie Chefas Projects, Yellena James Art Thrives within Organic Landscapes

Art Exhibitions | Eli Anapur

The fantastical but also uncanny worlds of Yellena James art will be on display at Stephanie Chefas Projects this April, at Thrive exhibition.

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Stephanie Chefas Projects Exhibits the Golden Age of Adrian Landon Brooks Art

Art Exhibitions | Silka P

Adrian Landon Brooks art transcends its public to a time peace and harmony prevailed at Stephanie Chefas Projects

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