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# 1645, 2015
Masao Yamamoto's Poetic Photography Debuts in Canada

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Elena Martinique

The Stephen Bulger Gallery in Canada is hosting an exhibition of several bodies of work by the acclaimed Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto.

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James Lethbridge - A Better Way of Life
The Way Humans Interact with Landscape, at Stephen Bulger Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Balasz Takac

At the Toronto-based Stephen Bulger Gallery, an exciting photographic exhibition devoted to the relation between humans and nature is about to open.

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Sara Angelucci - Mano D'Oro. Collar sewing (detail)
Sara Angelucci's Relationship to Canada, Expressed through Art at Stephen Bulger Gallery

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

On the occasion of Canada's 150th birthday, the artist Sara Angelucci explores the relationship with her country through photography.

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