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Give Me the Dust of My Father, 2017 (detail)
First Solo Show of Jason Bronkhorst Art Opening at Kalashnikovv

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The latest Jason Bronkhorst art exhibition is a continued exploration of the artist's ancestral legacy and the reality of the contemporary South Africa.

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felix laband durban in cape town 2013 and south africa
Kalashnikovv Gallery Presents First Solo Shows of SkullBoy and Felix Laband

Art Exhibitions | Smirna K

Visual digitalization of a human society in SkullBoy art and the interconnection amongst distant sounds in Felix Laband art shown at Kalashnikovv.

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Three Artists Don Product of Praxis at Kalashnikovv Berlin

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

Kalashnikovv Gallery will explore this intricate process of practice through a group show featuring three contemoirary artists.

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