In the mid 70s, Vans produced its first shoe specifically designed for skateboarding, the Era, in collaboration with Dogtown sons Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva. Chris Keeffe, founder and owner of DQM, was born in 1975 in New York City, and bought his first pair of Vans as a kid from Magic Shoes on Bleeker St. Growing up skateboarding, Chris turned pro at 22 and, in the 90s, counted Vans among his sponsors. When Chris retired from skateboarding, he opened his own skate and shoe store, DQM, in New York City’s Bowery district.
On November 1, 2013, DQM will be 10 years old. Much has changed over that time. Brands, skaters, and shops have come and gone. DQM remains as one of the oldest independently owned skate shops in the US. Vans, now 45 years old, remains the original skateboarding shoe company. Now one of the world’s largest footwear brands, Vans continues to progress.
The Vans DQM General, first opened in September 2011 in a landmark building in New York’s historic SoHo district, represents the bringing together of two iconic crews. In July 2013, The Vans DQM General concept expanded to Boston, opening on high profile Newbury St, in a city so important in East Coast skateboarding culture and history, and in the state which Vans’ founding Van Doren family originally hails from. Southern California meets the East Coast. Vans meets DQM. Welcome to The General.

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