We love art and we want to share our passion with as many people as possible. Our mission is to keep the barriers to collecting art as low as possible. Money should not be the deciding factor. For this reason, VogelART offers limited editions of many of the most popular living artists in the world today at affordable prices. Art collectors will find valuable and high-quality signed prints, photographs and sculptures at vogelARTedition – all of them with a certificate of authenticity.

VogelART GmbH is run by Sebastian Vogel, supported by a team of international curators and partners. Having worked as a creative director for years, Sebastian Vogel has now been fulfilling his passion for art collection for more than ten years. In selecting works, he is well served by his trained eye and his keen sense of aesthetic quality and authenticity. And this very much applies to the vogelARTedition selection, too.

Why art editions? It is not just since Andy Warhol that artists have enabled us to own outstanding works at an affordable price. Many of them have produced limited editions of their works as elaborate, high-quality signed prints and offered them for sale. This is precisely what VogelART GmbH provides for its art-collecting customers through vogelARTedition.com.

Exclusive Editions by VogelART – In addition to the existing art editions we offer, VogelART will also be producing its own limited editions in future, in close collaboration with selected artists. Our aim is to commission the artists to create works on specific themes. These will be available for purchase exclusively on vogelARTedition.com, distributed and produced solely by VogelART. Authenticity is guaranteed by means of a certificate signed by the artist in question.

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