White Court Art Gallery is an online art gallery specializing in art created by modern and contemporary British artists. We offer an extraordinary, curated selection of artwork and enjoy connecting collectors with art they will love.

White Court Art was born from a private art collection started by founders Richard and Rosalyn Veal during their 15-year living experience in the Netherlands. After moving back to remote mid-Wales in 2006, their collection grew into an art gallery dedicated to online sales and presentation. To date, the founding couple is dedicated to expanding the range of art gallery offers by carefully selecting and promoting artists and their work. They also serve as art advisors to collectors and provide art sourcing services for interior design projects.
Finally, White Court Art keeps an open door to submissions from artists who create work well-suited for the gallery.

White Court Art offers a fresh perspective on art viewing and buying experience by making it comfortable for experienced collectors and approachable for all art lovers. Focused on the curation and quality of the works, White Court Art showcases both well-established figures and rising talent.

Selling art to collectors around the world, White Court Art takes pride in a safe and speedy dispatch to clients.

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Satadru Sovan Banduri -Victory of victorian love
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Sax Berlin - SAMO in Shades, 2019, Sax Berlin - Everyone Eekwal, 2019
A Contemporary Master - Sax Berlin in an Interview

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