Widewalls started off with a heartfelt passion for urban art. Everything we did revolved around artists that fascinate us. They became the center of our activity. From this basis branched four segments that build the frame for Widewalls. We launched Widewalls with the street art intervention event in an abandoned ice-parlor on Mallorca. Our web segment was the predestined continuation of our urban art involvement. The blog and magazine sections feature the latest news from the urban art world. From this evolved a deep understanding of the art market, artist relations and media partnerships. The logical next step was to focus on our agency efforts as consultants, advisers and business partner. What derives naturally from the business


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Paranoia on Paper by Word To Mother and Sickboy
Artworks We Like: July Was Hot!

Top Lists | Aya N.I.

We present you the ten hottest artworks you can find in our online art gallery. We can guarantee that you will find something for your taste!

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Widewalls Marketplace - The Perfect Place to Buy Art Online is Now Open!

Collectors Tip | Angie Kordic

The Widewalls Marketplace is a unique and efficient platform perfect to buy art online and a comprehensive online art gallery of artworks for sale

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Widewalls Collection
Widewalls Collections - Nick Walker "Myth"

The Widewalls Collection | Sanja Lazic

This week, we decided to introduce you to the work one of the most known graffiti artists in the world – Nick Walker. Bristol based artist back in 2010 did an art piece called ‘Towers’ some people consider it one of his best works yet.

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