The three directors of Wunderkammern gallery are Dorothy de Rubeis, Giuseppe Ottavianelli and Giuseppe Pizzuto.
With venues both in Rome and Milan, Wunderkammern is characterised by three core values: art research, professionalism, art market.
Wunderkammern adopts the inspiring principle of those homonymous collections of scientific curiosities and extraordinary objects that used to be gathered together in Renaissance Europe by rulers and aristocrats, merchants and early practitioners of science. It exhibits a genre of work with a strong influence with Relational Art and Public Art. The gallery and its represented artists explore themes related to the marvellous, the paradox, the connection between the inside and the outside, the conventional and the unaccepted, the private and the public space.

The Wunderkammern contemporary art gallery was founded by Franco Ottavianelli, Afra Zucchi and Giuseppe Ottavianelli.
After supporting a 10-year art patronage programme, Wunderkammern opened in 2008 its venue in Rome.
Wunderkammern promotes an international programme of excellence of contemporary art research in its different forms and languages. The gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established artists and it has the objective of creating a stimulating environment for experimentation, discussion and development of their work in strong relation with the public. The artists and their projects are often the subject of many national newspaper articles and reviewed by a wide number of art magazines.
Since 2010, Wunderkammern participates to key international art fairs. In collaboration with art academies, museums and cultural institutions, Wunderkammern also organises parallel events outside of the gallery space in specific locations and with the aim of promoting its artists and their art research.
In 2016 Wunderkammern opens its second venue in Milan and with great passion we will continue presenting a rich international contemporary art programme always inspiring our active collectors and promoting our artists in the fine art arena.


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