The three directors of Wunderkammern gallery are Dorothy de Rubeis, Giuseppe Ottavianelli and Giuseppe Pizzuto.
With venues both in Rome and Milan, Wunderkammern is characterised by three core values: art research, professionalism, art market.
Wunderkammern adopts the inspiring principle of those homonymous collections of scientific curiosities and extraordinary objects that used to be gathered together in Renaissance Europe by rulers and aristocrats, merchants and early practitioners of science. It exhibits a genre of work with a strong influence with Relational Art and Public Art. The gallery and its represented artists explore themes related to the marvellous, the paradox, the connection between the


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Dollar Bill
State of Minds by MaisMenos Comes to Wunderkammern

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The latest MaisMenos art exhibition will reflect on society's social, political and economic situation, holding up a mirror to a number of issues.

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Symphony of Systematic Minimalism in Remi Rough Art at Wunderkammern Rome

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

Soon coming to Wunderkammern Rome, the latest Remi Rough art exhibition will explore the relationship between visual art and music.

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Arthur Dorval - Sans Titre
6 Geometric Art Pieces to Collect

Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Silka P

At the center of most revolutionary ideas stood geometric art pieces. The following are Widewalls’ top choices for your growing collection

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