Wade Guyton at Museum Ludwig

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http://www.vernissage.tv | While other artists paint with brushes, light, or sounds, American artist Wade Guyton (born in Hammond, Indiana in 1972) paints with an inkjet printer. For his exhibition at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, Wade Guyton uses canvases with a width of 1.75 meters. Because the printer can only process half of the width, Wade Guyton folds the canvas lengthwise. When the one half has finished its run through the printer, the artist turns the canvas around and prints the other side. The monochrome black planes, stripes and bars that Guyton uses are computer-generated. Guytons works are presented on one the high wall of the large skylit hall of the Museum Ludwig. Wade Guyton at Museum Ludwig, Cologne / Germany. April 22, 2010. More info: http://vernissage.tv/blog/2010/04/26/wade-guytons-inkjet-printer-paintings-at-museum-ludwig-cologne/