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Urban Art Exhibitions: June 1 - 7

  • Backwoods Gallery
  • AustellungsHalle
  • Vertical Gallery
  • Subliminal Projects
May 31, 2014

James Reka


Opening: June 6

Backwoods Gallery

25 Easey Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia

Backwoods Gallery will soon present new works by the contemporary Australian born, Berlin based artist, Reka One. Reka’s art is described as a paradox between sharp design and graffiti, held together with a fuse of passion and spray paint. In his first Australian exhibition since relocating to Europe, Reka explores the changing color palette and textures of his new home in Berlin. UNTOLD is an exhibition comprising large paintings on linen, found objects and sculpture, inspired by his observations of Berlin society as it stirred from its winter hibernation.

Colours of Resilience

Group Show

Opening: June 6


Schulstraße 1A, Frankfurt, Germany

Art has always been the means of rebellion against the oppression, war and the expression of the essential human need to survive. Today, Syria is suffering one of the most devastating conflicts, having millions of people forced to flee their homes. People of all ages are now constrained to grim refugee camps, having saved their bare lives. The young, as always, prove to be the biggest hope of the unfortunate people, with their creativity still present, and the need to express themselves still very strong. A group exhibition entitled Colours of Resilience is dedicated to them, presenting a collection of pieces created in Street Art projects in Syrian refugee camps, communities and in North Jordan, with the participation of Herakut among others, and artArt and ACTED organizations.


Group Show

Opening: June 6

Vertical Gallery

1016 North Western Avenue, Chicago, USA

When the iconic film Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat by brothers Lumière was first shown in 1896, the urban legend tells that the audience was so overwhelmed by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people ran to the back of the room. Get ready but do not run! You will certainly be overwhelmed, though. Trains arrive at Vertical Gallery this June. A group art show all about trains, subways and bridges, titled TRANSIT, will feature New2, JC Rivera, Tim Conlon, Nick Fury, Paradigm Shift, Jonathan Michael Johnson, and Cope2. The gallery selected artists who use a wide range of mediums including paper collage, glass making, photography, painting, found objects, mixed media, model trains, and more.

Monica Canilao

Born From Ruins

Opening: June 7

Subliminal Projects

1331 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

Paintings, collage, mixed media works and installations of Monica Canilao emerge along with her site-specific work, found objects, paper works, quilts and photographs, telling the story of eternity, universe and everlasting cycles of spiritual life. Born From Ruins will be the first Los Angeles exhibition for the Oakland based artist, presenting a vast and diverse collection of her work, of which the Shibari themed photography will be shown for the first time in public.