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Urban Art Exhibitions: Feb 17 - 23

  • Fruit of the Doom
  • Exhibition at V1 Gallery
  • Exhibition at V1 Gallery
  • Exhibition at Itinerrance
February 16, 2014

Fruit of the Doom


Opening: 20.02

529 West 20th Street, NY, USA  

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Fruit of the Doom, new works by Paris-based artist Ludo in what will be his debut solo exhibition in New York. In conjunction with Fruit of the Doom, Ludo will be creating public street interventions at multiple locations in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Ludo typically works in a limited color palette of black, white and green, evoking the aesthetic of early punk-era graphics. For this exhibition, he has created a series of large-scale works including thirteen paintings on canvas and a resin sculpture.


Richard Colman

Opening: Feb 21

V1 Gallery

Flæsketorvet 69 – 71, Copenhagen, Denmark

Protruding colors bewilder and enchant the spectator, as the Noise spreading from the latest Richard Colman’s body of work overwhelms all the senses. Vivid planes pulsate in a carefully composed environment, guiding the eye from one to the other accelerating the dynamics of the work. This is a short description of paintings Richard Colman will exhibit at the Danish V1 Gallery, opening on February 21.

This Place Not For Me

Cody Hudson

Opening: Feb 21

V1 Gallery

Flæsketorvet 69 – 71, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cody Hudson’s poetic ink drawings on found vintage book pages hover somewhere between abstraction, stream of consciousness, patterns, drawn sculpture and minimal poetry. Encountering the work feels like finding a message in a bottle, seeing an image in a cloud, or a secret shared among friends. The work is intimate in size (21×13 cm) and line. There are 18 drawings and 3 sculptures in the exhibition. A vase shaped drawing spells “DEAD FREAKS UNITE” another more abstract piece reads “DEATH IN CHICAGO VS. LA RIOTS”. Minimal and subtle, but not without resonance



Opening: Feb 21

7bis, rue René Goscinny, Paris, France

Itinerrance in Paris exhibits works by the Portuguese street artist Pantonio. The works are in monochromatic black and white. Pantonio will be exhibiting paintings of forest animals; very often rabbits and birds are painted in an energetic style. The thin strands that make up the animal’s anatomy  giving Pantonio’s work their strong character.