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Urban Art Exhibitions: April 13- 19

  • Obey
  • Fifty24SF Gallery
  • Known Gallery
  • Corey Helford Circa Gallery
April 13, 2014

Shepard Fairey

50 Shades of Black

Opening: April 16

1331 W. Sunset Blvd, 
Los Angeles

It’s common knowledge that Shepard Fairey’s work spreads through a variety of media, often bedecking useable items of popular culture. One of his applied arts endeavors has been album cover design, and his Subliminal Projects gallery announced a third exhibition of the newly composed music related art. 50 Shades of Black will open with a musical bash, having Shepard’s friend DJ Z-Trip as the guest of the evening, as he created the soundtrack to Fairey’s Sound & Vision show. The party will go down on Wednesday, April 16, while the exhibition will be on display through May 17, 2014.


Street Anatomy

Opening: April 18

218 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

The urban art gallery Fifty24SF will host a solo show by renowned Austrian street artist Nychos. Recognized for his unique style of distinct anatomical exposures of animal, cartoon figures and humans, Nychos will present examples of his talent at the gallery from April 18th. The show features original artworks of the Rabbit Eye Movement leader from Vienna.

Askew One


Opening: April 19

441 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles

In Askew‘s first Los Angeles solo exhibition, he continues to explore themes from last years Sydney show, ‘The Evolving Face’ – specifically the dynamics of cultural, ancestral and social identity in the greater Pacific region. This concept redefines itself as these communities disperse in places like the West Coast of the US, Australia and New Zealand. There is an omnipresent duality existing within Pacific communities – concepts of transience and migration but with strong specific cultural identities that flourish and maintain strength, often impacting and evolving wherever they gain a foothold. For this show ‘Stelly’ who is based in Sydney, Australia and is of Fijian descent is the face of this concept.

Beau Stanton

Cartography of the Machine

Opening: April 19

CHG Circa

8530-A Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, USA

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, CHG Circa presents Beau Stanton’s,“Cartography of the Machine”, the artist’s L.A. solo debut of 14 new multi-media works of art. The visual power of diagrams. Alchemy of the spirit. Ornamental surrealism. The work of Beau Stanton personifies these concepts by mixing 19th century historical references, industrial textures and intense acidic color palettes. Practicing old-world craftsmanship and drawing from his knowledge of architecture, letterpress graphics, and the antique curiosities that embody the Steam Punk aesthetic, Stanton executes his vintage modern compositions with an obsessive-compulsive attention to detail.