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Urban Art Exhibitions: April 20 – 26

  • The Mine
  • RexRomae
  • David Zwirner
  • BC Gallery
April 19, 2014


Opening: 23.04

The Mine

8th St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

L7m, was born in the countryside of São Paulo, in 1988, and his relationship with art bloomed at a very young age. Throughout his childhood, he participated in many contests, winning numerous awards in the process. At 13, he had his first contact with spray paints, which opened his eyes and mind to new techniques and eventually his unique approach of mixing with china ink, latex, pastels and acrylic paints. All his work generates from chaos, emerging from the raw melting pot of emotions, materials and media utilized in his pieces. L7M’s work is influenced by sorrow, the beauty of life and the disarray of the surrounding environment. All these stimuli are transposed and distilled into his works, which are identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry. The artist’s intent is to profoundly affect the viewer on a visceral level, through the use of seemingly clashing or contradictory techniques.


Tempus Fugit

Opening; 24.04


pop-up exhibition in Shoreditch

Time is one of the defining aspects of our lives, relative and uncompromising, it flies quickly making our breathing ours shorter. Tempus Fugit is the universally true expression is the main focus of the urban artist from Spain, VinZ, who is about to have a short pop-up exhibition at London’s RexRomae gallery. VinZ Feel Free exhibition Tempus Fugit opens on April 24, to run for a week solely, till April 30, 2014.

Oscar Murillo

A Mercantile Novel

David Zwirner

Opening: 24.04

519 West 19th Street, New York, USA

A wonderful homage to his hometown and his own interpretation of a chocolate factory promise great fun at the Oscar Murillo exhibition at David Zwirner gallery in New York. Murillo’s show entitled A Mercantile Novel will incorporate a real candy manufacture within the gallery space, producing candy which will be distributed to visitors for free. Being a young star of contemporary art, Murillo joined David Zwirner last fall and this will be his first show with the gallery. A Mercantile Novel exhibition will be realized in collaboration with one of the leading foods companies in Colombia, Colombina, which is also one of the chief exporters of candy to the USA. Colombina factory was established in Oscar Murillo’s hometown of La Paila in early nineteen hundreds, and it slowly grew into a regional operation, connecting surrounding communities.


The Wall

Opening: 26.04

BC Gallery

Libauerstraße 14, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Da Mental Vaporz (DMV) are about to takeover Berlin! BC gallery announced a DMV crew exhibition for April 26, which will feature all new artwork by Kan, Gris1, Jaw, Sowat, Blo, Lek, Bom.k and Brusk. The exhibition is entitled ‘The Wall’, evoking their street art practice in a word that encompasses all the desires and tendencies of many urban contemporary artists. ‘The Wall’ will be on view through May 31, 2014, while the Berliners will have a unique chance to enjoy the works of one of the most artistically progressive art crews. Da Mental Vapors crew creates large scale murals, channeling their collective creativity and mutual inspiration. The DMV exhibition at the urban and contemporay art gallery will showcase an installation created on scene specifically for the show.