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Urban Art Exhibitions: April 6 – 12

  • Wallflower
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • CAVE
April 6, 2014



Opening: April 11

17 Osborn Street, London

Known for his paintings of glamorous and beautiful women, Rone’s art aims to blur the lines between beauty and decay featuring idolized models on rough, decaying surfaces. When viewed from a distance, his women appear perfect, but when you get closer you can see the signs of dilapidated facades emerging from the background. They fuse dirt and cracks from the surface of the buildings with decorativeness to form an ephemeral elegance and beauty amidst the chaos of the street. Rone focuses on the face and eyes to depict emotion in his distinctive photo-realistic manner.

Natalia Rak

Through the Looking Glass

Opening: April 11

Brunnenstr 12, Düsseldorf

The newest star in the street art galaxy comes form Poland. Her name is Natalia Rak and she is one of the most exciting painters and street artists to emerge in Poland’s contemporary art scene that increasingly enjoys international attention. Natalia Rak´s beautiful murals show up all around the world. She is probably best known to the general public by the mural she has done last year for the Folk On The Street Festival in Bialystok that shows a young girl wearing a traditional polish outfit while watering a tree. This stunning piece of art soon spread the Internet. Upcoming exhibition at Pretty Portal gallery in Düsseldorf this spring will show the works of this young and promising artist. The show is titled “Through the Looking Glass “and runs from April 11 – May 9.

Amanda Marie & X-O

Balancing Act

Opening: April 12

1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

Another two artist exhibition is coming our way, to the space of the C.A.V.E. Gallery. An artist who already exhibited with the Venice based space, Amanda Marie, and the creator of a mural in the courtyard of the gallery X-O, will be presenting their work together in a show entitled Balancing Act. The duo has been working and traveling together through the years, but this will be the first joint exhibition of their work, showcasing pieces made by each. Additionally, Balancing Act will connect the two expressions and artistic approaches in collaborative pieces, which Amanda Marie and X-O made together, uniting their respective creative visions.