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Urban Art Exhibitions July 20 - 26

  • RexRomar
  • Graffik Gallery
  • The Outsiders London
  • Subliminal Projects
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
July 19, 2014

Askew and Fintan Magee


Opening: July 24


In the age of omnipresent multicultural surroundings, questions of identity have never been more elusive. But what of the isolation one experiences? Is it the loneliness that weighs on the artist’s mind, or the sense of abandonment he feels when faced with the natural environment, as well as the social one? The pop-up exhibition Oceanic with Fintan Magee and Askew, which will run form July 24th to July 30th 2014 at RexRomae, London, will address these questions by presenting works of two artists deeply influenced by the Pacific region.

Jade Doreen Waller


Opening: July 24

Graffik Gallery

During her instinctive creative process Jade Doreen Waller, a young South African Urban contemporary artist, allows her imagination to decide upon the choice of images she will use. This impromptu composing results in surreal scenes made of recurring elements, from skulls and doves, to beautiful tattooed girls, all immersed in soft nuances of contrasting colors. Having already exhibited at 34FineArt Gallery in 2010, her popularity grew, and finally Waller has been invited by a hip urban art gallery in London, Graffik in Notting Hill, to exhibit in what will be her first international solo show. The coming exhibition bears a curious title – Overload, and it will consist of an entirely new body of work displaying her inventive expression and style heavily implanted in contemporary urban and pop art and culture.


Make It Last Forever

Opening: July 25

The Outsiders London

Bristol’s graffiti artist Sickboy is having his first London gallery appearance this summer with “Make It Last Forever”, a multi-disciplinary exhibition designed specifically for The Outsiders London. The time has come for the comprehensive showcase featuring a unique body of surreal abstract canvases alongside an elaborate installation designed specifically for The Outsiders’ basement space. Although the stunts, slogans and constructions have been confined inside gallery walls, the ethos and inquisitive spirit remain true to the original street displays that earned Sickboy his undisputed global recognition.

Cross My Heart Hope To Die

Vita e Morte

Opening: July 26

Subliminal Projects

When was the last time you felt real excitement while discovering new music? In a world where everything is only a click on, and every new artist you heard about is pretty much just a copycat of something already existing, it’s sometimes hard to feel true joy of exploring. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A group of artists gathered around and formed an art collective Cross My Heart Hope To Die (CMHHTD) with the same idea – bringing back the thrill of discovery. CMHHTD will open their first solo show ‘Vita e Morte’ July 26 at LA’s Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects.  The group will be challenging ideas of what music and art, delivery and discovery, actually mean.

Disobedient Objects

Group Show

Opening: July 26

Victoria and Albert Museum

Political activism has proved to be a powerful motivator over the centuries, but what is rarely considered is its inspirational potential. Disobedient Objects is an upcoming exhibition, organized by Victoria and Albert Museum in London, dedicated to exploration of the great role of objects that accompanied great social change movements had. The exhibition will showcase how situations of crisis ignite new creativity, Disobedient Objects will be the first exhibition of such sort, focused on the period from the late 1970s to the present, our time, rich with technological advancement, political shifts and increasing social consciousness. The show will present a collection of inspiring artifacts, from finely defaced currency, designs for blockades and barricades, political video games, to inflatables, odd bicycles and reactionary ceramics.