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Urban Art Exhibitions July 6 – 12

  • No Walls Gallery
  • Kolly Gallery
  • White Walls
  • CAVE
July 5, 2014


I am (Not) a Freedom Wizard

Opening: July 10

No Walls Gallery

Prepare yourself for an outburst of color and imagination, and to some extant for rationalization, as the new solo show of Alex Godwin, aka Billy, is coming to the No Walls Gallery. “I am (not) a Freedom Wizard” is a visual narration by Billy, depicting the ups and downs of trying to have a nice time all the time, contrasted with the obstacles one must inevitably face living a life that is free but not free and making an effort to remember the importance of not taking life too seriously, especially if one does not have anything too serious to take from life. Since there is no trade with freedom, and most of us are no longer in the age for rebellion, the best way to deal with an unfree world is to have fun along the way as much as we can. That’s how Billy does through painting outside on the street and inside her studio.

Gen Atem

Mediated Vandalism

Opening: July 10

Kolly Gallery

Another father figure of the European urban art is coming to the Kolly Gallery in Zurich, in the form of Gen Atem, the sole representative of both Zen philosophy and street art. His vast oeuvre stems from the early 80s New York scene, but it transcends the creative process through expression and contemplative meaning. The show at Kolly Gallery is entitled Meditated Vandalism and it opens on July 10 to remain on view through July 31, 2014. The very title of the show reconciles the two essential traits of the artist – his vandal past and his zen present.

James Roper

The Inscending Spiral

Opening: July 12

MIRUS Gallery

Intricate organic forms, entangled bodies or machinery, layered portraits, dissected genre scenes are all subject to meticulous analysis, signified in the markings of perfect ratio of nature. James Roper is a dedicated draughtsman and the researched of natural forms, whose work is coming to the Mirus Gallery for the first time, in a first solo exhibition of the artist since 2011. Curiously entitled The Inscending Spiral, new Roper’s body of work consists of overlapped planes of human, technical and geometric shapes, combined into elaborate drawings of either slight, or none coloration. Transparency allows the viewer to delve into the underworld of Roper’s idea, uncovering mathematical scaffolds of each natural form.

Joe Goode

Flat Screen Nature

Opening: July 12

Kohn Gallery

It’s time for a new stunning exhibition in Kohn Gallery’s new immense space. On July 12, the gallery will host an exhibition of new paintings by southern California-based, Light/Space and Conceptual artist, Joe Goode. The new series of works, titled Flat Screen Nature, is the culmination of Goode’s “looking through” artistic experiments he  has investigated over fifty years.

Niels “Shoe” Meulman

The Unearthly Paintings

Opening: July 12

White Walls Gallery

The Unearthly Paintings is the third solo exhibition of Amsterdam-based artist Niels Shoe Meulman with White Walls, opening on July 12. The new series of typographical paintings are a continuation of the signature style Shoe is best known for: “Calligraffiti” in which he uses the prefix, “un” as a symbol of reversal and words as images to express abstract ideas. Niels Shoe Meulman revolutionized the art of writing with Calligraffiti, an art form that fuses calligraphy and graffiti. He launched this movement in 2007 with a successful solo exhibition in Amsterdam. However, in this latest body of work, Shoe also introduces new aspects such as technologically advanced paint and a non-linear writing order.

Max Neutra

Only Natural

Opening: July 12

C.A.V.E. Gallery

One of Los Angeles’ favorite artists, Max Neutra, will open his third solo exhibition with the C.A.V.E. Gallery on July 12. This time, Max Neutra has produced a series of work that celebrates nature. Being a fan of the natural history scene, the artist passionately collects bones and shells and insects. But do not expect to see the classic interpretation on natural history within Neutra’ new Only Natural show.  Neutra continues to apply his distinctive painterly gonzo style coupled with experimenting with new materials and technology but with one question in mind: What does “only natural” really mean these days?