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Urban Art Exhibitions: June 8 – 14

  • London Westbank Gallery
  • Kolly Gallery
  • Perrotin
  • StolenSpace
  • Magda Danysz Gallery
June 7, 2014


Four Elements

Opening: June 11

London Westbank Gallery

133-137 Westbourne Grove, London, UK

Inspired by the golden age of New York graffiti, Polish-born street artist Adam Klodzinski aka SOAP took huge risks as a teenager to learn his craft spraying trains and walls in Northern Poland. He started experimenting with street graffiti, walls, trains together with his late pal Pawel Nowicki and they were the first graffiti crew to emerge from Poland at the time – B2. Very soon, the crew began to receive commissions for murals, expanding the graffiti culture in Poland that now sees local councils supporting mural projects both legally and financially. This summer at London West Bank Gallery, SOAP celebrates his first major exhibition. From June 11 – 18, the audience will have the opportunity to see SOAP’s photo-realism pieces that are created with a mix of aerosol sprays and airbrushes.


Graffiti is a Child’s Play

Opening: June 12

Kolly Gallery

Seefeldstrasse 56, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland

Graffiti artist from Toulouse, Lenz founded with two of his friends, the SDX Crew, with who he emptied his first cans using urban furniture as initial canvases. Lenz then joined the TG Crew where he perfected his technique. Over the years, meeting artists, he finally found his place within the collectives OMT and TER. This continuously inspired artist has experimented with different techniques and art mediums before returning to his childhood and pursuing his first true love, the LEGO. In 2006, he launched a series of famous NIKE Dunks made only in LEGO. Ever since then, his work has consisted mainly of sculptures and paintings in LEGO, although without totally abandoning his cans.

Daniel Arsham

The Future Is Always Now

Opening: June 12


76 Rue du Terrene, Paris

Daniel Arsham is one of the emerging American contemporary artists, who’s coming up fast in the art world thanks to his incredible, cutting-edge architectural and sculptural designs. In Daniel Arsham’s work, the sculpture, architecture and performance blend, creating the surreal. With him, nothing is what it seems. Through sculpture, drawing and performance, Arsham challenges our perceptions of physical space like a crafty magician. Walls are literally melting or stretching like a fabric in front of our very eyes. He is  fascinated by the relationship between the modern architecture and the natural environment and in this relationship he looks for inspiration to create the impossible.

Thomas Campbell


Opening: June 12

Joshua Liner Gallery

540 West 28th Street, New York, USA

Thomas Campbell evolved as an artist through skateboard culture, known as one of the Beautiful Losers. When asked to write an artist statement Campbell’s gut instinct tells him to write just “Um, I make stuff.” And that’s what he does. He splits his time between his painting/sculpture/stuff making studio in Bonny Doon, California and traversing the globe making films. Now it’s time for a monthly stop at Joshua Liner Gallery.  Campbell brings a new work titled Ampersand. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery featuring painting, sculpture, original bronzes, and hand-sewn works.


Tears of A Clown

Opening: June 12

Graffik Gallery

284 Portobello Road London W10 5TE, UK

Fast becoming one of the urban street art legends, this anonomus artist with his heart in London is attracting the attention of galleries, art enthusiasts and collectors all around the world. Having taken part in numerous group shows, Graffik is proud to be hosting his debut solo show, watch this space tho. LA beacons and another major solo show in the USA will ensure that iCON has landed


Projectum 06

Opening: June 13


17 Osborn Street, London E1 6TD, UK

Internationally acclaimed street artist ROA comes to London to create a unique onsite installation in StolenSpace Gallery. Belgium artist ROA is renowned for his unique portrayal of large scale urban wildlife, disquietly cohabiting city streets worldwide, hand painted in his distinctive black and white highly detailed rendering. ROA is an artist deeply preoccupied with the significance of the creative process. Working conceptually on each project, he nurtures a dynamic energy, which evolves during the restricted time-frame. His method is consistent. Arriving in a location he adapts to his habitat, allowing inspiration to flood from buildings and objects and literally ‘waking up’ to the realities surrounding him.

Max Rippon


Opening: June 13


17 Osborn Street, London E1 6TD, UK

Max Rippon aka RIPO is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the impact and nuances of textual communication through language, forms, and symbols. His work is primarily text-based, expressed through typography and calligraphy. For his upcoming exhibition “Pentimento” at StolenSpace, Rippon painted each canvas 5 times with 5 layers of texts. After completion, each layer was masked off in sections and repainted to make way for the next layer, destroying most of what was there before.



Opening: June 13

Magda Danysz Gallery

78 rue Amelot, Paris, France

Geometric, abstract shapes have replaced the ‘tag’ in his work, while Futura began focusing on color and composition. He can be seen as he follower of some of the most prominent Abstract Expressionist ideas, while there is some Pollock in the way he approaches the canvas. His colors fuse and melt into each other, while the composition is balanced with lines, angular or round figures and patterns, all executed with spray paint, handled by the artist with astounding virtuosity. Unique and marvelous, Futura continues to display his booming energy without a fail. Eclecticism of his pieces is mirrored in his personal visual language spanning between the world of graffiti and lyrical abstract painting. The Introspective exhibition at Magda Danysz Gallery  will present bursting colors, dynamic compositions and the contemplative layers of his novel work. Observing his oeuvre in its impressive entirety, it’s safe to claim Futura is nowadays one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world and one of the foremost influential figures of the style.