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Urban Art Exhibitions: March 24 – 30

  • Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg
  • Magazine bombing
  • Bob Marley photo
March 23, 2014



Opening: March 28th

Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg

Bismarckstraße 98, 
20253 Hamburg

Useless: pointless, futile, ineffectual, unusable, stupid – regardless of how the absence of use and sense is phrased, in a world judged more and more on the merit of its added value and functionality, these words have increasingly negative connotations. But what if we free ourselves from this socio-contextual determination? Does the negation of a necessary function not grant us the greatest freedom to be creative and break through normative classification patterns in order to create something new, to experiment and finally to redefine the term “use”? In his solo exhibition USELESS, Jaybo Monk takes a closer look at exactly the dissolution of this term, in order to stage familiar objects in a new context in the Dadaist tradition. His objects and paintings, presented in the Hamburg branch of the Circle Culture Gallery, are on a quest for one thing above all: the poetry of uselessness.

Hattie Stewart

Hello Cheeky

Opening: March 28th

No Walls Gallery

114 Church Street, Brighton, UK

No Walls Gallery again offers a real treat to its visitors. The second show this year at their new gallery space will be Hello Cheeky by young London based illustrator Hattie Stewart, a professional doodler as she calls herself.  ”Hello Cheeky is a playful phrase invented by the artist herself to summarize the feeling behind her spirited and kittenish work. On display are brand new doodles and a selection of Stewart’s new illustrations.  The exhibition opens on Friday, March 28 and runs until April 26.

Dennis Morris


Opening: March 29th

Known Gallery

441 North Fairfax Avenue,
Los Angeles

The Dennis Morris exhibition “BOB MARLEY: GIANT” at Known Gallery consists of 28 intimate portraits and live shots of Bob Marley in black and white and color taken by Dennis Morris. A special collaboration print signed by both Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris featuring one of the photographer’s iconic images of legendary musician will be released on opening night on March 29. Major focus of the print is on the face, especially the eyes. Bob Marley is shown as a saint, with a slight hint of the halo in the background. Palette is dominated with black color and warm hues of orange and gold.