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Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart Celebrates Second Anniversary with Buchstabenarchitektur

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May 3, 2016
Gordana Sretenović. Teaching English and writing for a living. Obsessed with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Desires to travel the world and not have a permanent address. Occasionally writes poetry.

The Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart is in festive mode! For its second anniversary, the gallery is presenting Buchstabenarchitektur, or, loosely translated into English, Letter of Architecture. This new concept brings along the group exhibition titled Leave the street, enter the space which will showcase the prime examples of urban art in its purest form, the form of classic graffiti and street art. The show features the works of four well-known German artists from different cities across the country whose common source of inspiration is the urban art itself. The purpose of this exhibition is to break the stereotype of graffiti and street art as vandalism and to promote the communal sharing of ideas and artistic creations in order to elevate this type of art from its prejudicial and often disregarded status to the art form worthy of gallery spaces.

 Art Gallery Stuttgart kunst 2016 2015 marc vernissage streetart stuttgarter bilder künstler cannstatt übersicht
C100 – Artwork

Urban Art Subculture

The most influential and most vibrant subculture in the world, the urban art subculture, is slowly but surely becoming more and more prominent in the art world. Artists such as Banksy have become household names by now, but there are still some who believe that these artistic souls should be punished by law for their creative expressions on urban canvases. The Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart aims to release these non-mainstream artists from the shackles of prejudice and launch them into the world of “serious” artists, who exhibit and sell their pieces at well-known venues. The gallery takes the graffiti and places it into its exhibition space, instead of letting them fall into oblivion. It bridges the gap between the traditional and the modern, by making subculture – culture, if only for this exhibition, but surely for life in the grander scheme of things.

Art Gallery Stuttgart kunst marc 2016 2015 vernissage streetart stuttgarter bilder künstler cannstatt übersicht
Patrick Hartl – Artwork

Artists in the Exhibition

The Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart will exhibit about 40 artworks of artists such as SWEETUNO, the Basel-born, Heidelberg-based artist who operates in the realm of classical graffiti, especially tags; Patrick Hartl, who is a master of handcrafted designs and analog works, and is one of the foremost urban calligraphers; Formular76, whose graphic works blend perfectly into the mixture of styles featured in this exhibition, and C100, in whose works we can find a diverse mix of classic graffiti writing and abstract art. What is certain is that this show will definitely place urban art on the map of attention-worthy art forms, and will promote the new generation of graffiti and stencil artists, as well as urban art calligraphers to continue their work.

Art Gallery Stuttgart kunst marc vernissage 2016 2015 streetart stuttgarter bilder künstler cannstatt übersicht
Formular76 – Artwork

Buchstabenarchitektur at Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart

The anniversary exhibition Leave the street, enter the space will be displayed at the Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart from May 4th to June 3rd, 2016. The opening reception can be attended from 7 PM on Wednesday, May 4th at the gallery spaces at Rotebühlstraße 51A, 70178 Stuttgart, so hurry up and make sure you get there as soon as possible. What you will see is some amazing artwork, have an amazing time and help promote the urban art subculture and help break the stereotype that has been surrounding it for years. And because we love art in all its forms, we highly recommend this exhibition, as it is not only for a good cause and aesthetically pleasing, but it also opens on a very important day for the geek subculture. In the spirit of promoting the subcultures, we bid you farewell on your trip to the gallery with wise words, May the Fourth be with you!

All images courtesy of the Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart. Featured image: Patrick Hartl artwork detail, Sweetuno – Artwork