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Famous Urban Artists Take Part in XX Exhibition : A Moment in Time in the Prints and Originals Gallery

  • urban artists exhibition
  • urban artists exhibition
  • urban artists exhibition
February 1, 2016
Runs, does yoga.

XX: A Moment in Time may influence some aspects of street and urban art, and it may also be a stepping stone to a better comprehension of feminism. The XX in the title undoubtedly stands for women, since the exhibition’s endeavor is mainly based on promoting the role of women in the contemporary street art. The show will consist of works made by a selection of artists from around the globe, both the emerging and the established ones. The exhibition will coincide with the major contemporary art exhibition Champagne Life at Saatchi Gallery, which also aims to represent works by female artists.

urban artists exhibition
Zabou – Bless

Male Dominance (in Street Art)

The gap between the number of male and female artists, when it comes to street art, still exists. Although the disparity has reduced to some extent, women claim to be under-represented and neglected compared to their male colleagues. There are some reasonable explanations for this: territorial mark-making and the routine avoidance of the authorities are some of the instances frequently mentioned when it comes to the origins of the discipline. According to the slightly judgmental feminine observations, these types of behavior are usually related to men. However, these artists do make a good point and claim that there are no obvious reasons why any form of contemporary expression should be dominated by one sex, or the other.

urban artists exhibition
Left: Crayes – Are You Insane / Right: Handiedan – Dyade

Two Halves of the World Population

Half (or more than a half?) of the world’s population consists of women. This is a fact that the female artists like to point out, and also claim that when the domination of one sex occurs, there is a risk that the society will not benefit from the ideas and perspectives that the other half of the population has to offer. This also means that in a world where things are seen from one angle only, many sides to objective reality will remain unclear and obscure. These statements obviously do not refer only to street art, but it is one way to put it, and these female artists are at their best when doing what they love – even though many people around the globe still consider it a “macho” kind of art.

urban artists exhibition
Madamoiselle Maurice – Colourful Dream Please

The Established and the Rising Urban Artists in a Single Exhibition

When you take a look at the list of the participating artists, you’ll probably find that most of them are quite famous, and it is possible that some of them you maybe even didn’t know were female. But apart from the accomplished ones, there are the emerging promising ones too. To put it in Urban Nation’s Yasha Young’s words: “The women exhibited here are pioneers within the world of street art; newcomers that have made their mark in countries all over the world and artists that have become part of the new urban contemporary movement.” The show is curated by Olly Walker, and it is supported by the aforementioned Yasha Young. It will be on display from February 3rd through March 6th 2016, installed in the Prints & Originals Gallery at Saatchi Gallery, London.

Featured images: XX: Moment in Time, exhibition flyer; Mimi S – Omm; Martha Cooper – Elle. All images courtesy of the artists and the gallery.Featured video: Fifth Wall TV.