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Urbanology at ArtNow NY

  • ArtNow NY
March 3, 2015
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Four distinguished and original takes on the urban environment as part of a quest to reimagine and reinvent the notion of city landscape is what awaits us at the new group exhibition coming to ArtNowNY in Chelsea. On view will be the works of Jessica Hess, Kevin Peterson, Rodrigo Valles and Christian Jaquet, focusing on a single story – of a metropolis and its aesthetics. Through paintings and 3D models, these artists will try to contribute to the meaning of urbanology and to add a new definition to it through a new interpretation of reality.

ArtNow NY
Jessica Hess – Bay View II


The artists have been asked to tell a story of the urban landscape and all that makes a part of it – the people, animals, buildings, railroads, bridges, sidewalks, streets, nature. To give cities a new identity. Using their imagination, these four creative minds depicted new visions of abandoned neighborhoods, new or painted buildings, disappearing public objects, portraying urban art as a beautiful part of the environment. In their own words, the artist say they all find inspiration in the “color and depth given to these otherwise dull objects” and that this way, they collaborate with often anonymous street artists, whose work they observe and tackle in their own art. By creating a parallel universe where the outdoors is celebrated and preserved, they translate or transform elements of real life into paintings and architectural mini-structures, created from the unique point of view of every individual.

ArtNow NY
Jessica Hess – Providence Playground I

The Expressions of Jessica Hess and Kevin Peterson

Pointing out architecture’s imminent demise, Jessica Hess tries to give cityscapes a lighter perspective in her paintings. During that process, many subjects appear and disappear from her work as she goes, such as people, trucks and cars, leading to a colorful, non-realistic, yet very studied composition. On the other hand, Kevin Peterson’s figurative paintings often have added elements to it that alter reality. His art comes from the studies of art and psychology and takes us to a fantasy world of graffiti and street art inhabited by children and animals, peacefully coexisting and treating each other with respect. He paints in acrylic, with details in oil.

ArtNow NY
Left: Jessica Hess – Pittsfield Summer Redux, 2015 / Right: Jessica Hess – Pittsfield Winter Redux, 2015

The Notions of Rodrigo Valles and Christian Jaquet

The mixed media paintings of the urban decay in all its strength and beauty come from Rodrigo Valles’s love for the expressive power of graffiti. His visual representations of cityscapes deal with history and the impact of graffiti on mainstream contemporary art and talk about how “a hundred years ago, landscapes represented the current era.” Christian Jaquet pays homage to buildings and other objects that are no longer being a part of urban landscape, because they’ve been destroyed in the meantime. His miniatures became their 3D memory and a testimony of their fragility and volatility.

The group exhibition Urbanology will be on display at ArtNowNY in New York City, USA, from March 12th until March 28th 2015.

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ArtNow NY
Christian Jaquet – Bodega II

Images courtesy of ArtNowNY.